Giants in Those Days. 


London Times,

Two of the most remarkable men of the century gave a reception on Friday night at the Royal Aquarium, and were visited by many persons interested in anthropology.  The giant Chang, a tea merchant of Peking, and Brustad a tall Norwegian, received their friends, being not much given to talk themselves, had their history related for them by a showman.

It appears that the Chang is the largest giant in existence, that he stands eight feet two inches, and is highly educated, speaking five different languages, including English, which last he speaks very well, but with the well-know sing-song of the China-man.  He is eight feet high without his boots, he measures sixty inches round the chest, weighs twenty-six stone, has a span of eight feet with his outstretched arms, and signs his name without an effort upon a sign-post ten feet six inches high.  These figures and others as scientifically important proportions are to be verified next week by a committee of the Anthropological Society, who took the measurements of the Zulus a little while ago conducting these savages one by one into Mr. Carrington, the naturalist's, room, and, giving  an average of an hour and a quarter to ascertain the dimensions of each individual.  Chang is about 22 years of age, and is about 12 years since he was in England.  After five years residence in the Celestial Empire he returned to Europe for the Paris exhibition, and has since visited Vienna (where the Emperor gave him a ring he proudly exhibits, marked with the Imperial eagles and the initials of Francis Joseph), Berlin and Hamburg.  Since his last residence in this country Chang has grown several inches-six, it is said' he has a benevolent Mongolian face a courtly manner, and wears a richly embroidered dress, worked for him by his sister, who is like the rest of the family, of

ordinary stature.

English Penny size 31-mm 9.4-grams

Next to Chang, and next by no long interval, stands Brustad, about 7 feet 9 inches, very muscular, very broad backed, having as great a girth or chest as Chang, and a wider span in proportion to his height.  He has a low forehead, but speaks English fairly well.  Brustad has also a ring which he greatly delights in exhibiting. 


He presented it to himself out of the profits, it is supposed, gained by being shown.  It is 41/2 ouches in weight, and a penny goes easily through it.  To grasp his mighty hand in greeting is like shaking hands with an oak tree.  His weight is twenty-eight stone, greater than Chang's for his bones are more massive.  His age is 35.


 Daily Journal Logansport, Indiana, Tuesday Morning July 27, 1880

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