FACTS in the Life of Jack Earle

World's Tallest Man

QUESTIONS?  I have been asked thousands each season.

There is no doubt in my mind but that most people think their questions are original.

I can almost guess just what questions each person is going to ask, so in case you wish to remember the answers you are sure to forget,  - I am, -
27 years old.
8 feet 6 1/2 inches tall.
3 3/4 pounds at birth.
376 pounds at present time.
El Paso, Texas, is my birthplace.
22 size shoes.
18 size gloves.
Appetite, excellent.

My parents and two brothers are absolutely normal, my mother being 5 feet 6 inches and my father 5 feet 9 inches.  My two brothers are 6 feet each.

I have traveled extensively throughout North and South America also in all the principal European Countries and enjoy it.

I am a great lover of movie and art, play a saxophone and guitar for my own amusement and perhaps to the regret of others.  I etch and paint, but my chief hobby is modeling in clay.  My highest ambition is to be a great father some day.

"How do I Sleep?"  This is one of the most frequent questions asked of me, In hotels I use two full sized beds placed side by side and stretch from corner to corner, - In the Show Train I have a specially constructed berth, but in the ordinary Pullman I just fold up in the regulation berth and make the best of it.  Apropos of this a must amusing incident occurred on one of my homeward trips.  It was the first night on board, I had fallen into a deep sleep and was completely relaxed. In so doing, I suppose I stretched full length, sticking my two feet well out of the end of my berth.  The porter happening along the dimly lighted aisle came suddenly upon these two extra size feet blocking his way.  A blood curdling yelp escaped him and he dashed madly to the end of the car.  Every passenger was awakened and heads popped from every berth.  The porter stood at the door his knees knocking together, all he could do was point and mutter in sort of a jibber- "feet, feet, two awful big feet."  Needless to say, I withdrew my feet immediately upon awakening so when the lights, were turned on the aisle was empty: no one surmised the truth so the joke was on the porter, but no one enjoyed it as much as I. 

All of my clothing is mode to order, and it is most amazing how few people realize this.  In one town, a little white haired lady attracted my attention, for she had such a sweet smile.  She also seemed so enthused I did not resent the very many questions she showered on me.  She proudly told me all about her boy whom, we discovered during the interview, was exactly my age, day and year, - this had delighted her she promised not to forget me and she certainly has not, for when the next July 3rd came, our birthday, a package came also a very nice white shirt for me-but size 11 1/25 the size her boy wears I suppose.  That was three years ago but each birthday brings along another litte white shirt from the little white haired lady.  If she will only continue to remember for another couple of birthdays, I might have all the little shirts made into one big shirt to fit me.

BOYS?  I seem to be of great interest to them, and they to are very amusing in me.  One day I noticed a youngster standing beside my platform staring at me most intensely.  He was poorly and rather carelessly dressed, but clean.  I could picture his head at daybreak getting out of that house to be at the grounds when the first wagon rolled on. He had not taken the time to buckle the buttons of his knickers, they hung loosely, reaching nearly to the tops of his enlarged shoes, giving him an awkward gawky appearance.  He was just all "BOY" and I liked him, No doubt he sort of moved in and was encouraged, for he edged up to me and asked.

"How big are you Mister, please?"
"8 feet 6 1/2 inches tall." I answered.

"Gee Whiz," he exclaimed, 8 feet 6 1/2 inches? Jim-mey1.. an how much you weigh?"
"376 pounds."  I told him.

"Golly." he gasped, then stammered a bit before asking," Anda-what you eat spinach?"
"Oh Spinach." I lied (I recall I hated it as a boy), "plenty of it, too-do you eat spinach?"

He took his time before answering and looked me over from head to foot, "Yeah," he said slowly and half under his breath, then started to leave, but called back over his shoulder, 'but I won't anymore."

I am the biggest man in the world but for some reason or other a great majority of people must think I am constantly lost.

Whenever I dare venture more then a block away from the Circus Grounds in search of a Telegraph Station, Post Office or Pharmacy and chance to ask a passerby for directions, I very rarely get farther than "Please tell me--- ---" I am them interrupted with a wise smile and "Right back that way, just around the corner and you'll see the tents and they jerk their thumbs back in the direction from which I have just come, "You cant' miss it, Big Boy, you cant' miss it."

WISE CRACKS?  they never annoy me anymore, I just stop and consider our Clowns get nice fat salaries for acting silly. ---


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