The Tallest Man in the World.




Chang a Chinese giant, arrived in New York on an ocean steamer recently and was immediately pounced upon by the newspaper men.  A reporter called at the hotel where the giant lodged and saw, sitting on an improvised seat of two chairs with heavy boards laid across, a presence which seemed to fill the whole room.  Chang is unquestionable the largest man in the world.  He is gigantic.  As he sat there smiling and nodding, his thoroughly Chinese face looked fully as broad as an ordinary man's shoulders, and as long, it not longer then a flour barrel.  His cheek bones bulge out and are as large as a full-sized orange.  He is thirty-three years old, is the son of a wealthy silk and tea merchant in Peking, where he was born, is well educated, speaks, reads and writes English, German, French, Italian and Spanish, and is thoroughly courteous "secretary," a bustling, busy, earnest little Frenchman name Neaud, who looks upon the giant with admiration and delight.


"What is your exact height, Chang?" asked the reporter.

"I have never been measured, monsieur.  With our people it is a superstition which takes the form of a religious creed, that no man must be measured until dead.  I would rather die than to allow myself to be measured.  In fact, if I were measured I would die at once, I fear.  I am, however, somewhere in the neighborhood of nine feet.


I will stand up and you can stand beside me and judge for yourself."


Chang rose, and rising, it seemed as though he would never stop.  The reporter stands six feet three inches in height.  He, at Chang's suggestion, put on a high silk hat and walked under the giant's outstretched arm, near the shoulder, without coming with two inches of his sleeve.  Then fixing the height of his head about half way between the giant's waist an neck, the reporter checked off three feet at a guess and found that the crown of the Chinaman's head was surely nine feet from the floor.  His hands and feet are comparatively small and vary well formed.  He has exhibited before all the renowned heads of Europe and Australia, and has been the pet of several sovereigns.  He wears a solitaire diamond ring, given him by the emperor of Russia, which is valued at $1,400.  Attached to his chain is a gold medal given him by the Berlin exhibition, which asserts that he is the largest man of recent times.  He also has half a dozen immense diamond rings given him by rajahs in India, mayors in Australia and potentates from all quarters of the globe.  While talking to the reporter he suddenly dived into his vest pocket, which was large enough to hold an ordinary man's head, and brought fourth a ring with the official seal an monogram of Francis Joseph inscribed to "Chang."  he also has a watch given him by Queen Victoria, which weighs two pounds and a half, and has a chain nine feet long, which barely reaches around his neck and down to his vest pocket.


Marion Daily Star, December 23, 1880, Marion, Ohio



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