Easily the most unusual married couple in the world are Mr. and Mrs. Al Tomaini, shown above as they were snapped at the Fairgrounds.  Al makes even a six-footer feel like a midget with his towering 8 feet, 4 1/2 inch height.  He weighs 356 pounds. has an arm reach of 102 1/2 inches and wears size 22 shows.  It is little wonder that he manages the Circus Sideshow (which he also owns) so efficiently.  Who would argue with him?

His wife, whom he is shown holding, is billed in his sideshow a featured attraction on the Cetlin and Wilson midway as "Jeanie, the acrobatic half-girl."  though legless. Jeanie has been a headliner in show business for over 12 years. 11 of which she has been married to 8 footer Al.  Making them candidates for "the world's strangest family'" is the fact that the Tomainis have a cute 16 month old daughter, Judy.


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