THIS formidable looking chap was called Chang the Giant and he was something of a celebrity in Bournemouth before the turn of the century.

His unmarked grave is in the Wimborne Road Cemetery.  The funeral caused something of a stir because the coffin was 81/2 ft. long Chang being almost 8ft. tall.

An Echo reader this week came across a mention of  the burial in an old London evening paper.  The date was Thursday, November 9, and the entry read:  "Chang, the Giant, was buried yesterday at Bournemouth Cemetery in the same grave as his wife, who died in the early part of this year.  The coffin was 81/2ft. long."

The reader asked:  "I wonder if any readers can throw further light on how this man come to die in this town."

Mr. John Neals, manager of the Ice Rink in Westover Road, Bournemouth, tells me he remembers asking his mother about a house in Southcote Road, Bournemouth, which had a 9ft. wall built about 4ft. from the house.

:She said it was the home of the Chinese giant who didn't like people staring at him.  The wall shielded the house from the road.  I believe it was still standing until a few years ago."

Bournemouth Resister Office say Chang was 52 when he died on November 5, 1893.  His wife Catherine died in July of that year aged 44.

Chang's surname was Woo Gow and in the record of his death he is described as "a gentleman."


Bournemouth Echo April 26, 1974

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