The Giant Hugo is born at Saint-Martin (France) age, 25, he measures 8 feet 3 inches height, and weighs 430 pounds. In the ring of his finger freely passes a half-dollar. 


He easily covers a silver dollar with his thumb.  He can reach an object at a height of 10 feet. 


His two arms extended measure the width of 9 feet 5 inches. 


His shoes are one foot 4 inches long by 6-1/2 inches wide; calf circumference 9-1/4 inches; wrist 10-1/4 inches.


Hugo is the only giant in Europe possessing those phenomenal proportions.


It takes 8 yards and a half of cloth to dress him; he sleeps in a bed 10 feet long and five feet wide.


His parents are farmers,


His father measures 5 feet 5-1/2 inches and his mother 5 feet 6 inches, they had 6 children; 4 boys and 2 girls, Hugo is the oldest, the next boy to him was refused in the army for not being tall enough.


The grand-father, on his mother's side of the Giant Hugo measured 6 feet 4 inches as for the grand-mother on his father side measured  6 feet.


The Giant Hugo has always had extraordinary  proportions.  He weighed when he was born 16 pounds, when 6 years old he measured 4 feet; at 10, 5 feet 8 inches, at 15 ,7 feet; at 20, 7 feet 5 inches; and to-day he measures 8 feet 3 inches and is still growing.


The health of the Giant is perfect, he never was sick he eats like everybody, soup is his favorite dish.


The Giant Hugo reminds one of the first men (Gallo-Roman Epoch) where men were very tall and well proportionate; that is the reason he was chosen among all the giants to fill at the Paris Exhibition of circa 1906, the title of  "Gargantuan Giant" of the time of Francola the 1st, at the  "Pavilion du Vienx Paris" which gave him a universal reputation.


HUGO defies all the Champions of the entire World and offers 1,000 dollars to his rival.


 MARECHAL, Manager



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