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On their Ninety-Eight Season

Col. Henry Alexander Cooper


Colonel Cooper, whose portrait appears herewith, is undoubtedly the tallest man in the world, and a such he was one of the strongest attractions of the outside show.



Some slight idea may be formed of this wonder when he stands 8 feet 6 inches;  weight 406 pounds; his hands measure from wrist to the end of the third finger, 13 inches; can easily span 16 inches; his foot is 17 inches long.  No other giant living can compare with him in any way; he is a man without an equal.



Col. Cooper at one time had associated with him Chang, the famous Chinese giant, and they made a successful and extensive tour of Canadian cities.  Their appearance created a genuine sensation and attracted much attention to the prodigious stature of these two marvelous men. 



They were offered engagements at princely salaries by the late P.T. Barnum to appear with his exhibition in a convention of eighteen of the tallest giants procurable.  The offer was accepted, and Col. Cooper became the star feature of the famous assemblage of giants.



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