This young giant is anxious to get a wallop at the all highest!


There isn't a trench deep enough on the battlefield that will conceal the eight feet one inches of Nernard Coyne the twenty-one year old giant seen in the photo.  Of course young Coyne is not worried ever much about it, because he figures there will be not more trench fighting anyway.  If he over gets a wallop at "Jerry" or if he ever lays eyes on the Kaiser himself, Oh Boy-there is going to be a funeral in Germany due to the strength displayed by the youngster.


Young Coyne has just registered and the men alongside him are members of the Draft Board at Des Moines Iowa.  In the picture are E.D. Van Meter at left of the giant Sylvester Coyne the giants father at right and Sam Wymer of the U. S. Revenue Office directly under the outstretched hand.  Young Coyne has been growing rapidly for several years.


He was over six feet tall when he was eleven years old.  His greatest year's growth was 4 1/2 inches.  He added 2 1/2 inches during the past year.  Coyne wears No. 23 shoes and other articles of apparel equally as large.


International Film Service August, 28-1918



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