The Original Texas Giant Cowboy


MR. RALPH MADSEN, "Big Boy," was born and raised in the State of Texas.  Age, twenty-four years the 19th of last April.  His height is seven and a half feet;  weight, 228 pounds.  His mother and father are of medium height; father about six foot two, mother five foot eight, two sisters and a brother about five foot eight.  Mr. Madsen wears a size nine shoe, his hands are of an average size.  He is healthy in every way, hearty and strong.  Exceptionally strong in his arms and limbs.  So you can readily see he is not on stilts as some people think.  Mr. Madsen spent most of his life on a ranch and a greater part of it in the saddle, until he started to travel some six years ago.  he has visited every State in the Union and parts of Mexico and Canada.  Wishing to enlist in the Army, he tried both his home country and Canada, but was turned down on account of his extreme height.


Mr. Madsen has acquired a good practical education and is an authority on live stock, horses, cows, pigs and sheep.  Knowledge in veterinary and caring for stock has been acquired by actual experiences, being one of the best posted men in the country on domestic animals.  He loves a horse about all animals. The little horse he carries with him is his pride.  He would keep her at his hotel if permitted.  Ask Mr. Madsen anything about a horse, or a domestic animal, he is always ready to talk intelligently on animals or farms.  So many people ask him foolish questions in order to appear ridiculous, he is quite witty and goes them one better.


Mr. Madsen is normal in every way, and does not appear as a freak or monstrosity.  He takes pleasure in his present work, likes to travel, and has plenty of this world's goods.  His height does not bother him when it comes to being sensitive; he says, "we were all meant to be just as we are."  When asked hos he sleeps, he remarks sometimes, "Up stairs over a vacant lot." or "In the hall at the hotel."  One old negro woman down in Georgia, when she looked up at big boy said, "He haint is he?  He sure kaint be folks - he wuz meant fo' twins an dey forgot to separate him."


Big  boy is good natured and laughs with the world.  He says, "We don't have to die to go to heaven, we can enjoy this world, we are not so sure of the next."  Of course he is tall enough to reach up for a blessing - don't have to ask it.












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