The latter's in a suitcase, and seems to be "as snug as a bug in  a rug."  Mille. Londy, the world's best known as loftiest giantess, is 7 feet 7 inches tall, while Countess Jean, the smallest lady that walks this earth, finds ample accommodation in Mlle. Londy's grip.

Both are listed in "Who's Who at Coney" and performed to-day in on-piece bathing suits in various aquatic events at New York's most popular summer resort.  Mlle. Londy is only 24 years old and weighs 258 pounds.

Countess Jean has seen but 18 summers, is only 27 inches high, and tips the beam at 28 pounds.

This photo shows Mlle. Londy carring Count Jean in an ordinary-sized suitcase.

World Wide Photos - July 28, 1924



Information added May 1, 2010 - submitted by Ray White


Her real name was Laura Wagner and she was said to be born in Germany in 1897.  She was billed as much as 8 feet tall but she was not even 7 ft 7. She was 7 ft 0.5.


For many years Londy was an attraction at Dreamland on Coney Island earning her the moniker "The Dreamland Giantess" and was also known as The Wonderful Giantess and The Bohemian Giantess.


Just before the outbreak of World War 2 she was appearing in Great Britain with The Bertram Mills Circus at The Olympia and other venues. 


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