"Col. O'Brien, Mr. President," said one of the ushers at the White House Matinee to-day, as the President reached forward to grasp the hand which could probably squeeze into a No.19 glove.  The President looked straight ahead, and his eyes met the lower button on his caller's vest.  Not finding a smiling face at that height he raised his eyes gradually until they had reached an elevation of 7 feet 6 inches, and in the meantime the President's head was thrown back to such a degree that his standing collar almost collapsed.  When he realized that he was standing face to face with a real live circus giant a broad smile spread over his countenance, and the crowd of by-standers could not help laughing at the deliberate manner in which the President's eyes wandered up the broad coat front until the face of the giant came in sight.  to render the situation more comical there was a dwarf in the line, and when he reached the President and clutched at the latter with two hands there was another outburst of laughter at the President's remark, "We are having the long and the short of it to-day."


JONE BORO, Ill., April 21. - Last night Mrs. Annie O'Brien, the giantess, gave birth to a boy.  The child weighed 21 pounds at birth and is nearly two feet in height.  He is perfectly formed in every respect, and is said to bear a striking resemblance to his father, Pat O'Brien, the famous Irish giant.  The parents are each nearly eight feet in height, and were married about eighteen months ago in Pittsburg.  they are the only giants ever married in this country, and the birth of their boy is the first recorded offspring of giants that has been born alive.


A Hatchet reporter called on Mr. O'Brien about lunch time yesterday, and was invited by the monument of human flesh and blood to "take a bite" with him.  The bait thrown out was of the character calculated to catch the knight of the Faber and he hit.  The route to the restaurant led down the Avenue and the five-foot reporter fully realized his insignificance when he found himself walking beside the giant, the discrepancy in their sizes making him as much an object of the public gaze as his tall friend.  O'Brien's "bite" consisted of half-a-peck of Irish potatoes, two pounds of porter-house steak, fried onions, a monument of slices of bread, six-cups of coffee, a large dish of stewed tomatoes, two mince pies, and an endless amount of celery.  In conversation with the reporter he said that his wife was from Wurtemberg, Germany, and they were married at Louisville, Ky., in a theatre in the presence of 3,000 people.

Pat O'Brien's (the giant) coat is just five feet seven inches in length, while six children could be supplies with two suits each with the cloth in requires to make a dress for his giant Pat O'Brien is just tall enough to whisper to a coachman when sitting in an upright position on his box, but he takes good care his wife has no conversations with coachmen.- NEW YORK


The wedding of the giants took place at 11 a.m., yesterday, as per announcement in the German Protestant Church, at Smithfield Street, and Sixth Avenue.  the contracting parties were Patrick William Parsons O'Brien, 7 feet 11 inches high, weight 296 pounds, and Christians D. Dunz, 7 feet 4 inches high, weight 313 pounds.  The groom was born at Belfast, Ireland, in 1853, and the bride at Wurtemberg, Germany, in 1863.  At eleven o'clock the organ began pouring out the strains of Mendelsshon's wedding march.  Every eye was turned toward the doorway to note the entrance of the bridal party, led by Manager G. O. Starr and Director Chalet in the gay uniform of the museum, with white cravats and gloves, and fragrant bouquets.  Next came Mr. and Mrs. Freidenborg, the foster father and mother of Miss Dunz, followed by the towering forms of the bride and groom both elegantly attired.  When Rev. Mr. Ruoff began the marriage service in English there was perfect silence.  The groom's response came in a sharp, clear voice, while the bride's was smothered by tears.  When the service was over the bride hurriedly drew off her immense white glove to allow the wedding ring to be placed on her finger.  Then the groom tried to open the veil which covered her face.  He fumbled around in a clumsy way for a moment, and then gave it a quick twitch and bending down kissed the bride with a smack which resounded through the whole church, and caused a hearty round of applause.  There was then a rush form all sides to congratulate the bride and groom, and shake hands with them.

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