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Giant Guycel Camper


AKA Willie Camper





  Enroute                         Hendersonville, N.C. 193      
                                                               Sept 9th, 1936


Permanent Address
25-27 Opera Place
Cincinnati, Ohio


Mr. Lewis Ulry,
Grand Island, Neb.,

Dear Sir;-

In answer to your letter of recent date, addressed to Guycel Camper, however, I am answering same, and beg to advise, that Mr. Camper our Colored Giant is now a member of the above Museum, and now appearing en Route with the Miller Brothers Shows.

Am enclosing herewith Two Photos snapped on the show grounds, one photo of him alone, while the other photo is Mr. George Bartow, standing underneath his arms, who is manager of the Museum.


Guycel Camper is merely a 16 year old colored boy, weighs 295 Pounds, and stands, seven feet six inches.  Also has an exceptionally large feet, wearing a size 24 shoes.  The largest feet ever known to be had on a human being.

I trust that the above description, and photos will come up to your expectation, and prove satisfactory.

By the way, your letter addressed to Col Parks, our white giant, has been forwarded to his home, in Nashville, Tenn, which no doubt he will receive your letter, and you should get a reply from his in the near future.  He left the show in order to go home and obtain his bonus, which he has served in the Army.


Thanking you kindly, for your attention, I am, 








     Bobby Kork

Miller Brothers Shows

Next Week; - High Point, N.C.

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