I was born in the state of Indiana, August 23, 1918.  I am the sixth child of nine.

My parents are of German descent, and American born. My brothers and sisters are all perfectly normal people.

At the time of my birth, doctors from all parts of the country flocked to see me and to puzzle over the strange case.  for, although I was, and am, perfectly normal in every other way, I was born just as you see me now, with no sign or semblance of lower limbs.

Despite this so-called handicap, I am able to do almost anything any other girl can do, and was able to complete my education before entering show business.




I was born February 5, 1918, in Long Branch, New Jersey.

My people are both Italian and both educated in America.

I am one of a family of seven, all normal with the exception of myself.

At the age of twelve, I was taller than my father, who stood six feet and one inch in height.  My parents were alarmed by my rapid growth, and called in a physician who, by taking X-rays of me, found that the Pituitary Gland was working overtime, causing me to become a giant.

I now stand eight feet, for and half inches (8 ft. 4 1/2 in.) in height, still growing, wear a size twenty-seven (27) shoe, weigh approximately three hundred (300) pounds.




Interesting Facts Concerning Jeanie an Al

These two had been in show business but a short time when they first met in Norfolk, Va.

They worked side by side for an entire season at the Great Lakes Exposition in Cleveland, Ohio.

At the time they decided to marry, they were besieged by "publicity hounds" who begged them to hold a public wedding, pointing tour the numerous "advantages" in this procedure.


Rejection all such suggestions, they slipped away after the show closed one night, and drove to the little town of Ripley, New York.  There, on September 28, 1936, at five o'clock in the morning, they were married.

Finishing their season at Cleveland, they headed for their home in Florida to take up housekeeping.



Questions Usually Asked

1. Does Al sleep in a regular sized bed?
A. No; he has an extra large, special made bed.
2. Are his shoes special made?
A. Yes; they are factory-made on a special last, at the cost of $50.00 per pair.
3. Does he have special made clothing?
A. Yes; everything he wears is special made.
4. How does it feel to be a giant?
A. It's a living, being like this, but it's a nuisance trying to be made comfortable in a world made for smaller individuals.

5. Dose he eat more than a normal person?
A. Yes; for he needs more food to supply the necessary energy for his body.
6. Do they enjoy good health?
A. Yes; they are both exceptionally healthy.
7. Was Jeanie born exceptionally healthy?
A. Yes; she was born just as you see her now.
8. Can she swim?
A. Yes.
9. Does she do all her own housework and cooking?
A. Yes; whenever she is in her own home.
10. Does she eat less than the average person?
A. Yes; about twenty-five per cent less.



Lesson in Glands

Glands control the height, weight, and personality of all people.  The lack of Thyroid Gland causes one to become fat. An over supply of Thyroid causes one to become thin.  the Thyroid Gland is located in the neck.

too much Pituitary Gland causes giants.  Not enough Pituitary Gland causes midgets.  The Pituitary Gland is situated at the base of the brain.


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