Mr. and Mrs. Al Tomaini the couple shown in the photograph at the right of the page think they are the strangest married couple on earth, and no one who has seen them together has the slightest doubt that the title they claim is all theirs.

Mr. Tomaini, as can be seen, is a human giant.  he stands more than eight feet, four inches, in his socks which usually are covered with a pair of size 27 shoes and his wife is known all over the country as the "legless acrobat."  Her maiden name was Jeanie Weeks and she met her elongated spouse when they both joined a small traveling show.

In this outfit Al always managed to be around when the legless young woman, who was born that way, put on her act.  He seemed fascinated by her acrobatic antics.  She walked on her hands, turned back flips and did tumbling tricks impossible to an athlete with the normal equipment of arms and legs.

At first the young woman thought that the giant was interested only in her professional performance.  But she soon learned that he thought her a beautiful and charming young woman.  And the feeling he had for her was reciprocated.  between shows they spent a lot of time together and, as Tomaini himself says, "fell head over heels in love."

The giant left the show to take a better job with the Great Lakes Ex
position and the legless girl got so lonesome that she quit the outfit and went to Cleveland, too.  There they decided there was nothing for it but to be married.

When their intentions became know they were urged to be married on the Exposition grounds.  they refused.  "Not on your life," Tomaini, "this is no publicity stunt.  This is the real thing and we're going to have a private ceremony."



Mr. and Mrs. Al Tomaini, of Long Branch, N. J. Mr. Tomaini Is a Giant and His Wife Is Literally Half a Woman.  They Have Been Married About a Year.

The strange couple had to do their marrying between shows and just about had time to get to Ripley, New York, and back. George Bennett, the justice of the peace who married them in the early hours of the morning, still isn't sure that he wasn't "seeing things."

Not long ago, when the Tomainis were visiting the husband's mother in Long Branch, New Jersey, the giant and the legless young woman said that they expect to work out some sort of act which they can do together.

Mrs. Tomaini demonstrated that she is capable housewife, about to cook make beds and do everything that physically normal women can do.


The Tomainis told well wishers that they are the happiest couple in the world and that they are looking forward to the day when they will have enough money to build themselves a little home and retire away from curious crowds.

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