Concerns for the 6 Legged Calf


I am writing to you out of concern for the 6 legged calf which you recently purchased for your "freak show."


I personally find it offensive and outrageous that shows like yours, which put unfortunate animals on display for profit, are still inexistence.


It's proof that we have a whole lot more evolving to do, as a species, that you can still make a quick buck from people who are interested in seeing things like this. If humans want to go on exhibit, and pound nails through their tongues, ok. But the animals in your show were not given a choice, and it's downright despicable to use them like you are.

That calf deserves humane treatment, and should have the extra legs amputated so that he can live a healthy, relatively normal life.


Having six legs does not make him special--it just makes his life harder. How would you like to lug around two useless appendages for a lifetime? Don't you guys have a heart?

Please, consider taking pictures of the calf the way he is now, and then helping the little guy out by having the legs removed. A whole lot of people would think better of you for it.



SW Hsu


Hi SW Hsu,


First let me put your mind at ease, I'm not the one who bought the 6 legged calf.  It was a misprint in the article.


Second if a showman had purchased the calf it would live a better life than becoming meat for your table.


The animals that are exhibited on the Midways of America are very well taken care of.  They have the best health care, eat a well balanced diet and are loved by their care gives.


Sure they are exhibited for a profit, but a lot of animals are.  Zoos, Movie Production Companies, etc, etc, use animals for show.  Animal preserves and Zoos work hard to keep some species from going extinct.


Others who use animals for profit, uses them for meat, clothing, bi-products for all kind of consumables.


So may I suggest to you visit a show that exhibits animals, freak and others, talk with their care givers ask the same questions you've ask here.  I know you will find their owners loving and take very good care of them.  That their health and other needs are met.


I thank you for your concerns,


The little 6 legged calf, without the other two appendages, may have ended up on a bun.


Now it will have a life time of fame and fortune in Show Business.


 John Robinson

 Sideshow World


Photo by Katherine Thomas


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