Two-Headed 11ft Tall Mummy

Trenton, NJ State Fair circa. 1968-72


For years I have searched and no one seems to have any knowledge of the 2 headed 11ft tall mummified man I saw encased under glass in a sideshow trailer at the Trenton, NJ State Fair - sometime between 1968 and 1972.

I was a child, 10-14 and the State Fair was the greatest sideshow I had ever known. I went into this trailer and I saw the most realistic (not through a child's eyes, but even today I can remember the detail) mummified man, one face looking nearly straight ahead, the other bent tortured looking in pain, his two hands and feet were remarkable except for what seem like missing tissue as was to be expected. His skin tone was bronze to brown like a turkey.

I remember reading he was from a tribe of people where it was rare but known to have two headed births and many living a life into adulthood and the entire tribe were giants, averaging over 9ft and frequently 11ft as was this mummy.

As an adult, I imagine this was a masterpiece of craftsmanship and a great attraction that should have gotten more notoriety than just me remembering it. Have you heard of this sideshow piece, am I missing it on your wonderful site?

Can you tell me anything about it, if it still exists anywhere - nothing in any search engine has ever showed me a photo and I surely would love this mystery solved in my life.

Thank you and please write if you have any other memories that may be dug up, I just remember him naked except a loin covering (simple cloth towel I think) and so vivid are his hands and feet, every wrinkle, fingerprint, hair all seemed so real.

Thank you so much if you can help.

John Clayton, Manchester, NJ



John, Thanks for your email, the giant Mummy may have been from the Nelson Supply House, they provide attractions for showman for many years.


I hope you find this information helpful?



Sideshow World




The Two-Headed Patagonian Giant


Ladies and Gentlemen:—The body of King Mac-A-Dula, the Patagonian Giant, was found in a cave in Patagonia. South America, by a party of English miners, while prospecting for gold. It is not an embalmed body preserved by an embalming pro­cess, but a natural-dried body preserved by the atmosphere of that country, which is high and dry. They have very little rain there. Sometimes not one shower in three years. Consequently the a»r is very dry and no flesh rots or decays there, but simply dries up, the same as you see this body, leaving nothing but the skin and bones—but in nearly all cases the dead bodies of all kinds, animals or human, are either eater, or destroyed by animals. But this body, as I have informed you, was found in a cave— the mouth to the cave being barred by large rocks, thus keeping the animals out and saving the body from being destroyed. It is supposed that he was wounded in battle and on being pursued he crawled in this cave to hide, closing the entrance up to keep the enemies out, and while there he died unknown to his friends or tribe. He being a Patagonian Indian, scientists claim this happened years and years ago, and that the body may have lain there for two hundred years or more, and it is cer­tain that no mar. of this kind has lived there during' the past one hundred years—but the old inhabitants there tell & story of a great man that lived there centuries ago, King Mac-A-Duia, that he was nine feet high, had two heads, was as strong as an elephant, and & great warrior who led his tribe to many victories, and that after one great battle he disappeared and was never seen or heard of again. This story has been handed down from one generation to another until the present day, and when the body was found it was taken for granted this was the body of that man, King Mac-A-Dula, who disappeared years ago. The body was found fourteen years ago and taken to England and placed on exhibition at the Crystal Palace. It is owned by & historical society of London and no amount of money can buy it. We simply rent it. The atmosphere in this country being so damp it begins to soften in places and we have to use artificial means to keep it preserved, touching it up occasionally with arsenic, pitch, corrosive sublimate, etc., and in this way it will last for years. Truly a wonderful curiosity, worth many times the price you have paid to see it, and I ask you as a favor to the management to please tell your friends about it. Thank­ing you for your kind attention I will ask you to look it over carefully and stay as long &e you like.

Nelson Supply House - SPECIAL ATTRACTION

The Two-Headed Patagonian Giant


A Big Classy Attraction.  

Made so Legs come off at the waist so as to ship in a box 5x2x1-1/2 ft.
An old body dress covers where legs come off,

Price with 8x10 foot Painting $75.00. C. O, D. on $25.00

Deposit, or $70,00 Cash with Order

Weight in Shipping Box about ISO Lbs.


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Fortean Time - The Two-Headed Giant

The Baltimore Sun - Kap-Dwa, the 12-foot man from Patagonia


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