I Found some Sideshow Art of Fred G Johnson's


Today I was buying an old pinball machine and I saw some old sideshow banners, The seller also sold them to me and I don't know what they are fully worth.


Please help?


Jason Velge



Hi Jason


I don't think your banners were painted by Johnson?????????


They don't look like any of Johnson's work I have seen.


Did the seller tell you they were Johnson?


The one with the animal looks like in has been air brushed. The other doesn't look like his work at all.


Are the signed?


Does it say anywhere on the lower part of the banners O'Henry?


If I were to guess, they were painted by a showman who had the Snake Girl and Albino Skunk on display!


You have a lot of damage (looks like water damage at the bottom of both banners) this will hurt what the banners might be worth. 


 If I were you and wanted to sale them, I would try one of the on-line auctions to see what the market will bare.


I will send your images to a friend of mine,  He will let me know for sure.


I hope this is helpful?



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