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I would first off like to thank you for running such a interesting and wonderful site!  I also was curious on a item I recently picked up at a local flea market. The piece is a carved wooden hand painted clown chair that I was told came from a traveling carnival possibly around the 40'-50's. Im wondering what the chair could of been used for.  I was thinking it may have be used for carnival goers to sit and take a quick photo, but have a tough time believing they would of lugged this chair around without it generating money. It shows signs of heavy use however so it could be possible. I was hoping you guys have came across similar ones and could provide any info as towards history or value.(photo attached) Thanks again!!




James Thanks for you question.  I'm going to post here in our Ask the Staff section, to see if we maybe able to get any info about your chair from our readers.


I hope this is helpful?



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