Since you are so knowledgeable about sideshows current and past, I was wondering if you might have any info about some of the sideshows that played my hometown fair in the 70's. This is the South GA. Legion Fair in Valdosta. "Little Richard's World of Mirth Shows" booked in the attractions. I remember "Bona Lisa".....That World Famous Brazilian Lady who Turns From Beauty to Bones; a ten-in-one sideshow that had the same banner line but different people each year. This was not one of Ward Hall or John Strong's shows but I don't know who produced it; I remember one year a sword swallower named Ted Knight was in the show.......also another question; In 1980 the "Lobster Family" appeared here. Would this have been Grady Styles or were there other acts like this too? If you have any info. on these attractions; who had them and whatever became of them, I would be most interested to hear from you. Thanks so much, Joel Williams Valdosta, GA.  


Bona Lisa:  I haven't heard about this family in years they were a Brazilian Circus family and framed this show which was the same illusion as the Gorilla girl.  They changed their daughter Lisa into a skeleton and then back again.  Nice but not the impact or ability to get as much money as the gorilla. 


Advantage: it was done with father at control and lecture, mother in ticket box, daughter in illusion.  No pay roll.  I have no idea who would have been the ten in one who played the fair several times.  Todd Knight worked for us in I think 1987.  Last TIME I SAW HIM HE WAS CLOWN WITH GREAT AMERICAN CIRCUS IN 1987.    Excuse my caps key jumped in.   Grady Stiles and his family were the only lobster people.  I played Valdosta fair in 1959 with Capital City Shows.  I had a two hundred foot banner line.  It wasn't good.   When we toured indoors with World Of Wonders in 1990 (I think) we did a three day stand in Valdosta at the Armory.  With a tremendous amount of advertising business stank.  Valdosta has always been a poor show town.  The fair usually had a different carnival every year or two.  It is so bad they won't come back again. 


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