Dear Sir,

I own an antique banner made by the O' Henry Tent and Awning Company.  I believe the banner may have been painted by the late Fred Johnson.  It is a large banner maybe 15 to 18 feet long.  I live in Temecula, California. 


The banner is not signed, and my understanding is Mr. Johnson did not always sign all of his banners, but worked for the O' Henry tent & Awning Company for 40 years.   Could you please take a look at the attached photos and tell me what you think?  and do you know of anyone in Southern California I can take this banner to and have it evaluated/appraised?


 Thank you for your time.





Good Morning Daniel,


Thanks for your email.

I really like your banner.  I've forwarded the images to a banner expert,  He should be able to give some info and pricing on your banner.


I think it was painted by Fred Johnson as Fred was the only banner paint the worked for O' Henry.


I will get back to you as soon as I hear from my friend.


Also do you have any history of the banner?  Was it used on a sideshow or a traveling movie theater?



Sideshow World


Below you will find information about your banner.


Anyhow, regarding this Fred Johnson, it is a very nice one, in really good shape, and a very unusual size and configuration.  I have never seen another Johnson that was this long, with only the exception of a center banner.  This would normally be considered a double banner, except that there is only one image depicted, which obviously ran the full height of the show's bannerline.  This was either from a single-o show, or one of two end banners on the front of a full 10 in 1.


It was common to have one full banner like this on either end of a big show.  In my humble opinion, this banner depicts some generic pinheads working or playing on some hillbilly plantation in the South.  Being the size it is, in this condition, I would think it would be quite rare indeed.


The only inherent problem with selling something like this is finding a serious buyer for it, who has the space and inclination to hang it up.


Otherwise it will remain folded and stuffed under someone's bed and never see the light of day again.  I would like to think that this might possibly be worth in the neighborhood of $4000.00 retail. However, like I already said, finding someone with the scratch and space for this might prove problematical, regardless or rarity and condition.


Mark Frierson


I hope this is helpful?



Sideshow World


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