In 1962, or '63, I went to a freak show at the Minnesota State Fair.  The headliner was an African American with the stage name "Popeye".  He had the extraordinary ability to make his eyeballs jump out of his eye sockets, as if they might fall to the ground.  He could make both jump out at once or individually to the rhythm of the music blaring from the stage.

Do you know more about him? 


Do you have a photo? 



In my lifetime I have told the story of him many times.  My brother and I exchanged memories of him........... but as the story goes, a picture tells a thousand words. 


Popeye Perry


If you know more, please tell me or refer me to another source that might help me share that vivid image of him on the stage and how it left me with memories of a time so very different.


Thank you,

Myron Burke


Myron: I hope these photos are helpful.


“Popeye” Perry, a prepossessing black man in a ruffled tux - popping his eyeballs out of their sockets. Women are especially prone to Mr Perry’s unique charms, as I can attest, having seen his act many times. According to Nickell, Perry once popped out an eyeball, making a woman faint. He waited until she recovered, bent over, then popped out both eyes simultaneously, making her faint again.


Above - Excerpt from a review of the book  Secrets of the Sideshow by Joe Nickells


I will post your question to see if an of our reader may have memories or information about the Popeye




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