I recently won this sideshow banner at a UK auction. There is no signature, but nice artwork. Good manageable Size of 39 inches Wide by 61 inches high. Lots of brass eyelets top and bottom.


I've not found anything on Pawnee Pete, but figure it is a spin on Pawnee Bill's Wild West Show.


Perhaps you may have some idea of what era this banner is from. I found reference to a Pawnee Bros. circus which was active in 1951 for a few months before folding. That's the only possibility I've come up with.


Enjoy the images in any case. I'm looking forward to receiving this banner in the mail. Great website you have too.







Hi Chris,


As of right now I don't have any info on your banner, but it's really cool!


I will see what I can find out about your banner and let you know.


I will post it in our Ask the Staff Section to see if any of our readers have info about, Pawnee Pete.


Glad you like our site!


Sideshow World



Your question was forward to my attention.


I was not able to find any information on "Pawnee Pete," other than a poem in the Wisconsin State Register on March 7, 1885; issue 3 column C. I consulted Don Russell's research collection on the wild west shows, in our archives and there is no information on a "Pawnee Pete's Wild West, " only "Indian Pete." I checked the archived newspapers of the 19th century to see if any advertising or other articles might come up but I was not successful.


Best of luck with your research.

Karen Preis

McCracken Research Library

Buffalo Bill Center of the West




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