In about 1992 I attended an auction of a car museum near Charleston, SC that a gentleman that had done well in the fireworks industry had built over several years. I was under the impression that the Bonnie and Clyde car sold there was the authentic item but from what little research I have done, it appears to have been only a copy. If you have time, I would appreciate  knowing if the real car was ever owned by a museum in South Carolina.

I noticed at the time that if this SC car was the real car someone thought it needed more "bullet" holes and added a few with what appeared to me to be a pick...the holes were square!

Mickey Hoge


Hi Mickey,


Here's a link  Texas Hideout  - Warren Car  which has an amazing amount of history on the Warren Car and other cars that were exhibited as the Bonny and Clyde death car.


John Robinson Sideshow World



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