And now without further ado we'd like to present the women who has a body and mind of steel, who can turn every one's head as she walks into a room,  like poetry in motion she lights up a room.


The sensational, and incomparable, the remarkable Mrs. Ruth M. Strong....Yeah!


At the age of 41 is when the Strong Circus began to inherit it's  foundation and the family structure  was starting to take shape   After having one miscarriage after another she still was determined to have children.  She wanted ten, but was blessed w/ only three, plus Baby Neena.


There is 1 year between my sister Sandra aka Sandi and myself, only 3 months difference between my brother John and myself and approx. 2 years between Neena and all us.  You do the math.


All of this during an era of cloth diapers and glass bottles, nothing throw away if you know what I mean.


One  thing our mother  instilled in us was the broader picture of  life,  also the  importance of having balance in it.  Balance of being a poet, an entertainer, a student, a teacher and a humanitarian.  She taught us to be open-minded in our thinking and never be judgmental.

It was important to her that we children have culture in our lives.  She would take us to the Theatre and the Plays which at the time I hated, but appreciate now.  She wanted to show us the world and it's possibilities and we love her for that. 


She taught me the value of independence and freedom, she's my greatest inspiration.

Mom was very much into good nutrition, no white flour or sugar, fresh fruits and vegetables, high protein.  All we wanted was a sandwich on white bread, but I realize now she was ahead of her time with good nutrition. I am so thankful for that.


She believes spirituality is more of an inner love than an actual religion or higher power.  She taught us to be honest and caring and to love ourselves and others,   " If you do good, you get good, if you do bad you get bad" she'd say, yet she never said how she knew that. 

And to always listen to your mother.  (And we all know that's a lot easier said than done)

Our mother is the sweetest and most delicate of all.  She's not only beautiful, but passionately young, playful as a kid, yet wise as one who has lived long.


Her love is like the rush of life, a bubbling laughing spring that runs through all like liquid light and makes the mountains sing.


She is at once the sea and shore, our freedom and our past.  With her we launch our daring ships yet keep the things that last.


We know that underneath the storm we have, Always, her Love.


Know that You will Always have Our Love.  




Johnny, Linda, Sandi & Baby Neena
















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Ruth before She was a Strong Ruth 1950

Ruth Honeymoon

Yuma AZ

Ruth's dog act, Copper, 1955 

Ruth, Linda, Big John & Sandi, 1958


Linda & Baby Neena 1960 Ruth Redwood No Calif Ruth & Pony Act Prop Help Baby Neena, Linda & Sandi



Mr & Mrs Strong

Ruth & John Little John & Baby Neena    

Big John Linda

Little John & Sandi

Big John, Medium Ruth, Sandi, Linda & Tommy Hillogos

Linda,Tommy, Rebuffo the clown, Neena & Sandi

Linda, Sandi,

Little John & Mom

Dandy Sandi, Linda & Little Strongman John




Little John, Linda & Sandi Steven Gurrous, Linda, Sandi, Johnny    












Our First Lady of the Circus



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