Long Beach Press Telegram Feb, 14th 1950


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Pop Corn Sales Earning

Good Living for Couple



By Criswell


A new home industry was discovered quite by accident!


Ruth and John Strong of Los Angeles asked permission to sell freshly popped corn to school children during recess. which was granted ...... and soon the Parent-Teacher's Club asked if they would sell pop corn at a coming social, and also to furnish balloons for the contests;  Ruth and John Strong found themselves very busy catering to school functions!


The Strong's have since added a mechanical popcorn machine, a cotton candy machine, a frozen-custard mixer, and the Latest addition is a dog and pony act, a Kiddie-Ferris wheel, a clown and an electric calliope! Ruth Strong told me personally that they had so many requests to appear for schools, lodges, churches and organizations, they were seriously thinking of putting our a separate second unit! 


One satisfied customer will bring another!  The local Good Will has been so great that John Strong has been asked to run for council-man!




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