On The Road With Walt Hudson

Walt Hudson was "bitten by the sideshow bug" when he was 10 years old. His dad had taken him to see RBBB huge tented circus but it was the sideshow with its unusual people that impressed him most.

That same year he saw magician Harry Blackstone in vaudeville and became addicted to learning and performing magic.

Hudson joined his first traveling sideshow when he was 16 years old, during the summer between his junior and senior high years. His experiences are recorded here in "I Was a Teenage Blockhead."  The following summer, after high school graduation, found him working in a sideshow at Coney Island NY. His experiences at Coney are being recorded in James Taylor's "Shocked & Amazed" under the series title "Coney Island Baby."

Two summers during college breaks were spent working in an amusement park sideshow and some of those colorful experiences will be recorded here.

Upon college graduation his full time employment left little time for sideshow appearances but he continued to entertain with his magic act as a semi-professional.

In his later years he became a "40 miler" presenting his Spidora grind show at small fairs and carnivals.

Hudson has written several booklets for the performing magician. For over 20 years he wrote a column for NEW TOPS a magazine for magicians.

He has contributed a column for the past 8 years to CIRCUS REPORT.

He served as consulting editor for Chris Fellner's fanzine FREAKS!

Although he is officially retired he still performs a few select magic shows each year.


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