The Show that Magic Built - Scott McClelland

Nikolai Diablo


Some say that he was born at a crossroads at midnight, in the shadow of a gallows.  But the truth could be much worse.

The Dark Ringmaster
Nikolai Diablo

The dark master of all things BIZARRE AND EVIL, Nikolai Diablo emerged on April Fool’s Day, 1992, from the great carnivals and sideshows of Europe.


He brought with him a burning hunger for the FREAKISH AND THE UNCANNY.  He is fuelled by an insatiable desire to satisfy YOUR SECRET LUST for darkness and depravity.  


His ceaseless quest is to scour the remotest reaches of the globe, returning with the MOST UNUSUAL HUMAN ODDITIES.  Nikolai delights in opening eyes and corrupting souls.  


His Carnival Diablo is a veritable TREASURE TROVE OF THE GROTESQUE - where human bodies are subjected to the MOST UNUSUAL PRACTICES IMAGINABLE.  


Where the mind is bent to his irresistible will.

Scott McClelland presents here the history of his family, yes three generations on the Midway


Scotts families roots run deep into the sordid world of the carnival and sideshow.

Read here the true history of how his Grandfather built a carnival and sideshow that toured for 48 years!!




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