Monkey Business

by Scott McClelland


With rides also came live exotic animal shows. Lewchuk's Midway and Shows carried a great monkey act called, Monkey Business! Monkey Shines!, where the monkeys were dressed and acted like humans. There were dancing bears, learned Goats [an act to which the goat could do math by the clomping of its hoof, coinciding with numeric equations], trained dogs, horses, and even wild bores!

And of course there were the big cats, a Lynx, and Ocelot, and the majestic Lions. Over the years many side show acts worked on Professor Lewchuk's Midway and Shows, some of these included Hollywood film star JJ Dalke and his trained dogs, also R. Stoneman's Trained animal acts featuring "Sparky" [trained wonder horse] and "Billy" [trick goat]. And throughout all of this Nick created and performed a new two and a half hour show yearly.'


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