by Scott McClelland

It wasn't until the fall of 1979 at the age of 83, that Nick would become ambitious again. During this time the question of a tourist attraction arose and after some discussion by the Canora Chamber of Commerce, a motion was passed to ask the public to come up with submissions for an idea for a Canora Attraction. Once again the enigmatic wheels in Lewcuks head began to turn and after a few night of insomnia Nick came up with a great idea.


He could build a 25 foot sculpture of a woman in traditional Ukrainian costume holding a tray with a vial of salt and kolach [a braided Ukrainian bread] which is a customary method of greeting used by Slavics around the world.

The statue was to be called Lesia, in memory of a famous female icon from the Ukraine's past. The Chamber of Commerce loved the idea and plans were set into motion immediately to begin construction.


On a rainy day on September 3rd 1980 at 2pm Governor Genera General Edward Schreyer performed the Official unveiling ceremony. The statue can still be seen as you enter Canora!


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