In the Beginning there was GRAMPA

by Scott McClelland


Professor N.P. Lewchuk

On April 30, 1896 in the village of Svedeev in the Ukraine, Nicholas Paul Lewchuk was born.


 His mother placed a piece of paper and a pen in his tiny hands, for it was believed he would then grow to be a wise and intelligent man. At age 6, in 1902, his family immigrated to the NEW LAND called Canada. At age 17, in 1913, his future fate rolled into town, a magician was to perform at the local theatre.


The long awaited day finally arrived and upon buying a ticket to the show, he found the theatre filled to capacity. Magical Miracles were performed one after another, followed by thunderous applause.


He had come to the revelation ""this was it!"".


The spectacle of live performance mixed with the mysteries of the unknown was too much to pass up. He decided ""this is the life I want to have and I will be the happiest man on Earth... I will find myself a wife and we will travel and perform a magic and vaudeville show.""


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