Creating the 2 1/2 Show

by Scott McClelland


Now began the task of planning and creating a 2 1/2 hour show. It would consist of magic, sideshow feats, hypnotism, juggling, feats of strength, fire eating and even music played on a carpenters saw!


Nicholas asked many friends and even a priest and Municipal Secretary what their thoughts were on the feasibility of a travelling


Vaudeville sideshow. Some thought it was a great idea, but a few had said ""just forget about it. People might think that the show is a work of the Devil "". Nonplussed, Nicholas Paul Lewchuk was to become the very first Ukranian magician and sideshow owner in Canada!

N.P. Lewchuk had described professional magic as a very interesting, but not an easy occupation to pursue. ""Famous professional showmen are born, not made. T


hose with a deep love for mysticism may eventually make the grade and achieve success.""

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