The Slim Price Collection


Slim Price started in the business at the age of 14 where he was a shill for a show on Coney Island.  He was eager, young, and wanted to know it all! 


He was passable as a fire-eater, loved the snakes, had good hands as a magician, understood the principals of the human dynamo act, was able to talk, (he loved the mike) grind, and he did a myriad of other jobs on the show.  


But as a Sword Swallower "I was the king of the mediocre. I never got good enough to do anything but work the bally and the fire-act was much more dramatic".  He learned the basics from a performer on another show named the "Mighty Ajax", a huge man who spoke broken English. He gave him a bayonet, which was the only "sword" he ever had. "[Often] I'm asked where does the sword go, by skeptics who would rather look for trickery, than just to accept that what they see is true".  


He also had a full presentation Magic Show, and one of the segments featured escapes. All the shackles, chains, stocks etc. were home made.  Slim likes to read and has written a world of wonderful stories. Slim is listed in the Sword Swallowers Hall of Fame and was one of the moderates for Sideshow World's Yahoo Group the group supports Showmen, Performers and Fans.







The Steeplechase


At Your Own Risk


The Great Omi




Frank Lentini


When The Lights Go Down


The Front


The Back Lot


This And That


Take A Walk Around Coney Island


Step At A Time


Grandpa's Adventure


More Snakes!!


A Snake Story


Snake Handling



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