Rick Dennis in 2006



Here's your first look at Rick Dennis's NEW 2006 Giant Snakes Show. 


Rick just finished framing his show and plans on hitting the road in April.


The Giant Snakes Show will include 2 giant pythons, two alligators and a pair of venomous cane toads--HUGE!  Rick will be adding a cobra to his show line up as soon as he gets the specialty cage made for the cobra. The cobra will not be taken out of the cage--it is for exhibit only. 


All the pythons are taken out of their cages every other day just to give them frequent handling, but Rick says no thanx on the cobra!!


This show takes about half hour to setup ALONE,  Rick really like that compared to the old ten in one which had a 6 hour set up!!


R.J. Parkes (ride broker) helped build the show, Russ Swanger helped letter the front, and Rick and his wife Lori painted, everything. They also paneled and carpeted the interior and did all the wiring.



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