"Satina" serves as human target for knife-throwing magician Rick Dennis of Vestal in the "Dr. Demon Show" opening under a 30 by 60 foot canvas tent at the Union-Endicott track today, Oct. 12 with shows at 6:30 and 8 p. m.  the show then moves to Suny-Binghamton Oct 13 and 14 before going on a tour of colleges in Texas, Missouri, Colorado and Oklahoma.

A jungle python is part of the Dr. Demon show, which also features "Charlatan: with a shaved head in the tradition of medieval wizards.  Charlatan also performs on a bed of steel pointed spikes holding a 300-pound weight, spews balls of fire after drinking gasoline, and pounds ice picks, spikes and other articles into his head with a mallet.  The U-E senior class is sponsoring the Endicott.


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