by Pete Kolozsy


Hi Kids!


We've been entertaining the shell shocked hurricane victims of the Gulf states for the past several weeks and the following exchange occurred on the steps of the Snake Show at a fair in MS.


As the three youths approached me I noticed that the one in the lead position was wearing heavy leather boots that laced up to just below his kneecaps. They had obviously seen heavy usage so this did not appear to be a fashion statement.


The other boy and girl were also dressed in gear which would appear to have seen substantial rough use but was of sufficient toughness to have held up to it.


Kneeboots asked me if I really had a big snake up there. His Cajun accent was unmistakable.  I realized that I was dealing with what we politely refer to as a Genuine Swap Rat from Louisiana.


"Last time I checked." I replied.


He handed me three bucks and they filed up the steps.


Several minutes later Kneeboots was heading down the steps and saying over his shoulder to his companions "That ol' snake was big enough to eat Draco!"


I couldn't resist the impulse to throw my two cents in and commented "Old Lucy wouldn't ever hurt no one!


She's always been a pet!"


This stopped them all and Kneeboots explained.  "You don't understand, friend.  Draco was a four foot monitor that thought he was the biggest lizard in creation.  He'd go out and bask on the front porch and stare at the bayou like it was all his.


Then the water rose up from the hurricane and the bayou came right up to the porch. Ol' alligator came up onto the porch and Draco wouldn't put up with that.


He run out there and was gonna chase that Ol'alligator off.


That damn 'gator ate poor Draco!"


"Did you shoot that gator?" I asked.


He nodded.


"How was it?" I asked.


"Delicious!" he replied.


I guess that 'Ol Draco will always be remembered as another anonymous victim of hurricane Katrina who died defending his property from looters after the storm.


By me, at least.


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