The Maneeger

   by Pete Kolozsy


This story actually happened to my wife a few years ago in Valparasio, IN.


She was quietly minding her own business on duty at her post in front of the Giant Snake show one day.


Poor Athena !  She had no idea how strangely her sensibilities were about to be altered.


A man with a heavy Romany ( Gypsy ) accent walked up and asked to see the " maneeger ".


Was this a beef? Did he have a complaint? Is this trouble? Her heart filled with foreboding.


" Can I help you? " She asked politely.


" I don't need no help.. I wanna see the maneeger. " He stated.


" Well, what is the problem ? " She inquired.


" No problem, I just wanna see the maneeger. "  It was plain that he was starting to get annoyed.


" Well, I'm the manager. Now what is it? "  She finally said, frustrated.


" Geez," he intoned, stepping back to look up at the gigantic illustration of the huge ferocious anaconda


with the title " MANEATER " emblazoned in two ft high prizmatic lettering above it, " you don't look nothin'


like dat picture ! "


It was only as he walked away that she noticed the three tickets in his hand.----




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