Musatuti Singlee

 Hot Iron & Horseshoes

Musatuti Singlee from India was on the Ringling Show for many years.


 He didn't do a flame act but with irons that were heated in sight on stage to red hot he would put a foot on one and hold it there for several seconds. 


You could smell burning flesh. 

He would also bend a red hot bar over his tongue, and bite into a red hot horse shoe. 


I only saw him perform in the late forties maybe as late as 1954? by that time his teeth were just nubs from doing the horse shoes. 


Remember on the Ringling show in those days the sideshow would open before noon and finish around 11 at nite, so the performer did many shows per day for many years. 

My late partner knew him and would say he was a nice gentleman to visit with. 


I have no idea how he did his act, but it was sensational.  


2006 marks my 61st year in the sideshow biz.  I tried retiring but I love those twenty five to thirty weeks of many shows per day.  It keeps me young. 


I expect to work for another 25 years.. WARD HALL


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