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Friends: There are NO 10 in one shows at the present time in North America, including the Hall & Christ "World Of Wonders".


According to the historians: Joe MacKennon - "Pictorial History Of The American Carnival";

Some issues of "Bandwagon" the journal of "The Circus Historical Society"  :a true ten in one show (either circus, carnival, or store show, presents ten acts. Each act presented by one or more live human individuals. Each act was presented on it's own stage. Later on presentation was on one large stage with possibly a few separate side stages. Originally on separate stages with a lecturer (announcer, aka M C) MOVING THE PEOPLE FROM STAGE TO STAGE. SOME BIG SHOWS, I.E, RINGLING BARNUM WOULD HAVE THREE LECTURERS SO THERE COULD BE THREE PERFORMANCES BEING PRESENTED  SIMULTANEOUSLY IN ORDER TO ACCOMMODATE LARGER CAPACITY AUDIENCES.


The attractions would include Freaks and Oddities, Musical groups (on Daily Bros. Circus we had 15 people - 7 musicians 6 girl dancers, 2 comics and a blues singer who presented one act of ten minutes. In that same show there was also a four person act of Hawaiian music and dance. Two blowoffs. one with four belly dancers with one musician, and a half and half in the other. The blowoffs not to be counted as part of the ten acts.


Working acts such as we see in present day sideshows, and also every kind of vaudeville novelty act.

No one show could take in enough money to be able to afford a ten in one show today.


Summation: Allow the decline industry remaining retire the phrase of "ten in one", which is passe. A wonderful part of show biz history that joins the circus herds of fifty elephants, giant separate free menagerie tents, free circus street parades, and the latest to bite the dust five ring displays, and circuses with over a thousand employees;. And I must remember, also never to be seen again midways with twenty five or thirty shows, including A to ten big live performing shows. 10 in 1- RIP.


To all of you in SIDESHOW business remember the magic words; MAKE MONEY.


To all our fans, supporters and our patrons: GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Have a healthy and bountiful 2007,


With best wishes for the new year from Chris Christ (Who does the work) Jimmy Long (who keeps the equipment together, and moving) Little Pete POOBAH) and all our wonderful people of "World Of Wonders:" (trademark register)


Cordially, WARD HALL (who is he?)



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