Admission Prices Throughout the Years



Ten in one admissions prior to 1943 average ten cents - kids five cents 1944 -1952

25 cents all.


1953 bigger shows fifty cents, The Ringling circus closed their under tent operations 1956 and I believe the sideshow was still fifty cents. I first went for adults one dollar at Berea Ohio in 1967 but most places still were 50 or 75 cents. We first went for 2 dollars adults and one dollar under 12. starting in May of 1987, raised the admission price to 3 dollars in 2006 and just closed our winter tour in Houston at $3.50 everyone. Always kids six and under free, except on a circus everyone a dollar that was the circus sideshow price,


I had shows with Vargas, Roller and Toby Tyler in the 1980s always a dollar.

I had sideshow with Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey 1960 through 1984 where the big top admission included the sideshow. Prices have always varied from show to show and prices varied in various parts of the country. I think these were pretty average. I have been in sideshow business for 62 years. My partner C M Christ and I, in the seventies had as many as 11 shows touring at the same time in U S, Mexico and Canada.


Our current show the "World Of Wonders" is the only ten in one performance sideshow playing at fairs etc in the U S. The only other show in U S is Dick Zigens Show at Coney Island, where prices were always higher than other places.


I also understand that Ken Harck will tour his ten in one live freak show this year in Europe.


Ward Hall

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