Ringling Bros. on lot Little Rock AK 1918


Take a look at your carnival history.  Some years ago big midways had 25 or 30 shows.


Compared to the value of a dollar today it was a more viable business.  More shows drew more people and more shows made better showmen as to what they presented the public.


We will never see midways like that again but I wish we would.


Case in point: I think the year was 1958 (not sure of the yearwithout looking it up) The revue show on Royal American Shows at the MN State Fair amounted to 52% of the midway gross.


The feature of that show was Sally Rand whose salary was $5000.00 per week. That would be the equivalent of $80000.00 per week today It is impossible to imagine any performer being paid that kind of money today in a midway show. How about Lorow Bros. ten in one
grossed $52000.00 at a nine day fair in 1946 at admission of 25 and 50 cents.


Oh yes those were the good old days. In the 1970s I got a new Lincoln that year and Chris had a new Cadillac. I wish I had saved instead of investing in Broadway type shows.


Wonderful memories!


You all go out there this year and remember the magic words:




 I hope we all do.


How does he do it?


Book the spot. Post a healthy deposit. Have over a Million potential customers on the midway.


A show framed to handle the capacity.

A company like McDonalds probably shows a net profit of about 2% of the gross.

Answer: Gross a lot.


Ward Hall


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