The Week after the Wedding


In 1965 my show was at the Kalamazoo fair with Gooding Amusement Co. As a publicity stunt a young man on my show got married on the bally stage to one of my girl performers Named Alice, I don't remember his name. I gave the bride away and Chris Christ was the best man.


We had the services of a local minister to conduct the ceremony.  We had gathered a good tip but just as the minister concluded we got hit by a thunder shower, so we blew the tip.


They stayed married till nearly the end of the season, when she went off with a concession agent.


The week after the wedding in Canton Ohio our location was backed up to a fence which separated the back of the sideshow from a well traveled sidewalk. One of the dwarves knocked at my door to inform me the newly weds were fornicating in the back seat of my Cadillac Limousine which was pretty visible from that street.   When I informed them that they should not be engaged in such activity Bill (that was his name) Said Oh, it's ok Mr. Hall, it's legal. We're married now. I ordered them to dress and remove themselves from my car. I locked the doors and that was the end of their soiree.


True story.


Ward Hall

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