When Chris and I had "Magic on Parade" starring illusionist Vince Carmen , which toured Mexico for 18 months (1976-77) in a 3200 seat European style big top among the 17 illusions we had the girl to tiger. A beautiful chrome plated cage in which the girl was changed into a beautiful. 600 pound Siberian tiger that was as tame as a house kitten.


We also had an Abbott saw with the big heavy wooden frame and a 4 foot diameter steel buzz saw. The girl was not covered and you could 'apparently see the blade slice right through her midsection. The buzz saw illusion was destroyed in a storm May 15 1976 when a center mast came crashing do on it.

Later in 1995 we has another buzz saw with a steel frame and smaller blade. It was so damn heavy that we soon sold it. It was too much for the carnival illusion show with a John Meah painted front that folded out to 110 feet from two semi trailers. We still have that front, though we haven't used it since 2003.  John Strong purchased the illusions last summer he will have the greatest illusion show that ever toured.

Magic on Parade was a combination of illusions, 6 circus acts and five lavish production numbers, featuring Bug Bunny (we were licensed by King Syndicate to use that character), The performance had 46 performers on stage, We sold the show to the promoter in Mexico. The opening stand in Mexico City was over three months on the same lot.

Ward Hall

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