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Mark Frierson has painted show banners and built gaffs for over 20 years. Frierson's banners and gaffs have been created for the biggest names in the sideshow business, such as Ward Hall, Chris Christ, Bobby Reynolds, John Bradshaw, 

Jeff + Sue Murray, John Robinson (Sideshow World), James Taylor (Shocked and Amazed) and the American Dime Museum.


Plus a few people who are a little more mainstream, like Steven Spielberg, Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller), Rob Zombie,

Harry Anderson, Fred Olen Ray and one of the world's finest sources of information, The Weekly World News.



You will find here a collection of interesting correspondences from World Famous Banner and Gaff Artist

Mark Frierson to and from many of the Greatest Showmen who ever Lived.


You will also find interesting Artwork, Articles, Photographs, Stories, Experiences, etc.


So Step Right Up, It's Here and Now


Letters- Tween- Showfolks and other interesting things from the Midway!


Above Image: envelope from a letter written to Mark Frierson from Captain Harvey Boswell March 1981


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