November 26, 2986


Dear Mark,


Nice to hear from you, and it appears that you are moving along on your collection. I did attend the TRADE SHOW in Gibtown last year, as always since it started. Also just returned from the HOMECOMING PARTY & BAR B Q last Sunday, Nov. l6th. We talked with Ward and several more, also closed the Club at 2 or 3 in the morning.


We had a short season last year with my P.O.W.'s, and I am framing a walk-thru, on a large 45 ft. 1980 Dorsey trailer, a low-bed. This will be the most outstanding touring museum on wheels, and will be named PALACE OF WONDERS CARAVAN...


I am adding all of my very best exhibits in it, and will be selling off all of the& surplus oddities, etcs. At the present time I have dozens of letters to answer, all wanting lists and catalogs.  I had an ad in the WORLDS FAIR, the English showmens paper, and you wouldn't

 believe the answers that I received.

I'm requesting $5.00 as it cost me to go through all of these buildings and inventory and list the various oddities, freaks, curiosities that I have collected from around the world over the past 45 years, or more.


Since I am semi-retired I really don't have the time to go in with anyone, altho I appreciate the offer. I hope to tour the World with my Museum. I am planning on a long trip in January down thru Yucatan, and then Central American in search of some very unusual and elusive relics, and also some rare reptiles.


I can't promise when I will have the Lists made out, as it will take time, considering my health, and winter coming on, with no heat in the buildings. I must do it however, as so many people are waiting for the chance to buy everything that I have.


I still have most of the items you mentioned, and have added many more. Keep in touch, and let me know what you decide.  I might know the collector in Silver Springs, Md.



Happy Thanksgiving



From Capt. Harvey Boswells Pitch Book.



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