January 29, 1987


Dear Mark,


I received a letter from you friend up in Silver Springs  Maryland, and he ordered a list of my oddities. I am finally getting around to putting out the MASTER LIST that I have promised so long.


At this time, due to snow, ice, and very cold temps, it is very slow going. None of my warehouses are heated, and with very limited help, and poor health, I am having a hard time inventoring the hundreds of oddities. As weather warms up, I will be sending apt follow ups to the lists. They will be issued in ANIMAL ODDITES, (enclosed) HUMAN ODDITIES, and GENERAL & ASSORTED ODDITIES AND CURIOSITIES .  A FIN, ($5.00) will put you on my mailing list. There is no certain time for these to be issued, but as I get to them, you will receive the latest listing.


My walk thru MUSEUM,the mobile PAALACE OF WONDERS @ will be the greatest touring MOBILE MUSEUM in the country. I am going all out with this one, as my last creation in this life! At present time, work is at a stand still, due to weather, health, and labor.


I will be coming down to the TRADE SHOW on the 7th. thru the 10th.  Will be at the Showmens Club o n the 8th. & 9th. I go down late each year, and that is one reason why I miss a lot of would be buyers of my oddities.  In former years, I use to stay the entire event, but get weary of crowds. Nearly all of my sales are made thru the mails, and in the event of large objects, the buyers pick them up here at my Winter- quarters, ADVENTURE LAND PARK, Wilson, NC. Ward & Christ has been here many times, and bought trailer load of attractions over the years.  I have long lost track of all the items they have bought.


At this time I have several wealthy collectors of strange oddities in England, Australia, Switzerland, and the USA that are very interested in the mummies, shrunken heads, and other human oddities, including the punks. I would prefer to sell to the collectors, rather than to the showmen, these particular items, altho money talks, and the ones who comes up with it, will get "it".


Should you care to meet me, see me at the Club on the above two days. I am usually there at night also, especially during the installation of the new officers. It is a bad time for it however, once the dancing and the band starts, as you can't hear yourself without yelling.

I advertise in the WORLDS FAIR, the English Outdoor Show Biz Magazine, and subscribe to it also. About 200 English and European showmen send for lists, and I have sold a few attractions to England and Australia. If you care for any of these WORLD FAIR past issues, they are $2.00 each, in mint condition. Good source information. Incidentally, I have books on carnival, circus, and outdoor show biz of every type. Lots of old P.T. Barnum books, dating back to 185?. You can get lots of good ideas from these.


I may bring down some of the smaller oddities should you be interested, please advise.  I sold a few items , and will be brining them down for some sideshow operators in Gibtown.


Hoping your collection is growing, and your plans for the T.V. Show, and Museum is coming together, I remain,



Yours for a great season,

Captain Harvey L. Boswell

(Retired) U.S.M.S. for/   




Capt. Boswell's Collection - Courtesy of Brian Ezzelle

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