This shows the Andes mummy.  She was found in a cave outside of Lima, Peru,


and also has the original shroud of alpaca wool.  Her knees are drawn up to


her chin, in the fetal position that all ancient Indians were


buried in.  This photo was taken in 1968, on the Thomas Joyland Shows at


Wilmington, NC Fair, when I was using her in the blow. 


We charged 25 cents additional to see her, and you can see me peering thru the


teaser doorway.  We were charging 50 cents on the front door, and always took in


from 60% to 75% of the front gate attendance.

She was billed as the Woman Who Was Buried Alive at this time, but I used her later on THE LOST PRINCESS OF THE ANDES, and had her exhibited in a cave type display case which I no longer have.  I still have the Johnson banner that goes with her,( extra cost) but I would recommend the cave & Lost Princess angle, and not use the coffin. 



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