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I am Mark Frierson a professional sideshow artist since 1980.  Now, for the first time ever my original works are available to the general public!  My colorful and vibrant banners have graced the fronts of numerous traveling and permanent shows from coast to coast and have been featured in many movies, television productions, newspapers, magazines, books, as well as numerous gallery exhibitions nationwide and around the world.


My extremely realistic, handcrafted, exhibits and prop 'gaffed" pieces have also been seen in many sideshow, movies TB productions, as well  as several nationwide, ever "experts".  My creations are also in numerous private collections around the world including many famous celebrities.


And Now, they can be in YOURS as well!






Banners are ALL hand painted, one at a time, on 100% cotton duck canvas, with metal rings on all four corners.  They all have the same elements and attention to detail as their larger counterparts.  Banners are created on a first come, first serve basis, with no guarantee as to delivery date, unless special arrangements are made in advance.  All banners require a deposit of half in advance, before work is started, and the balance paid in full before delivery.  Prices are subject to change without notice and are dependent on the size, complexity, and subject matter contained within the artwork.  Last minute commissions will insure an additional rush charge.  All shipping charges are to be paid by the customer.  Please contact me for any special sizes and or additional information.


Gaffs and exhibits are all individually handcrafted, one at a time, so no two will ever look exactly alike.  Materials and elements used may change without warning, due to price and availability.  No display cases are provided with the exhibits although special arrangements can be made.  All the other stipulations, regarding banners, apply to gaffs and exhibits as well.


Please contact me for pricing on any special orders, and/or alterations to available exhibits.   Photographs shown are only representations of previously completed works, and don't necessarily represent the actual item that you will be receiving with you order.


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