"Bobo the Rubber Man"


Francis X. Duggan, "Bobo the Rubber Man", is what is known as a front bender contortionist. His feature trick was to go through a small barrel while bent double. He had a reputation as a drinker, but being aware of my puritanical feelings, quit his alcoholic abuse entirely.
Three city blocks of deteriorated building had been demolished making space for a Summerfest on the waterfront prior to the start of the construction. A local radio station did remote broadcasts from a trailer on the grounds. Alongside the temporary studio, a billboard advertising the program had been built from plywood and erected without anchoring it. On Sunday afternoon, Bobo went on the midway for a sandwich. He wasn't back for the next performance. When he missed a second one, I went to find him. I learned a gust of wind toppled the sign on him breaking a hip and other bones.
Admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital where doctors told him he would never do his act again. Our good friend, movie producer, K. Gordon Murray recommended a prestigious law firm, which agreed to represent Bobo. He received a satisfactory settlement, more important, as soon as he was told he wouldn't work again, he started exercising the afflicted muscles. The accident occurred June fifteenth and he was back working his act on Labor Day week.

Then Bobo inherited some funds, retiring to his hometown, Greenbay, Wisconsin.


Ward Hall


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