As a teenager on the circus, the porter on the car of the train where I lived was amiable George Jackson, who not only was an excellent housekeeper, he was like a housemaster. He was interested in the well being of the people.
When the days of railroad shows were ending, George discovered a remarkable lady in Mobile. Alabama, Sylvia Porter the woman with giant feet. They married and George was Sylvia's manager.
They prospered, but in time had differences and divorced. Then George met and married Baby Flo Johnson. A lady as sweet as she was big and I believe she legitimately weighed eight hundred pounds. One winter we were all working in Dick Best's sideshow at Florida State Fair, when George needed money to purchase something.
Baby Flo guarded their money for the inevitable day when the show would be on layoff. Hesitant to give George the money, he reminded her how hard he worked on the front of the show to lure customers in.
Baby Flo replied, "Oh George, that ain't you working out there, listen to that voice, that's Ward hard at work." She gave us that wonderful smile as she handed George the money and laughed so that her fat body shook like a bowl full of jelly. The voice was indeed mine, but on tape. I always made the tapes for them as I did with many other friends who operated their own shows.

Ward Hall

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