Fat Men Seem More Common in Our Business



Jack Conner, who weighed in at 600 pounds, did a comical act dancing to the sideshow band during the Beatty-Cole Circus dates at Philadelphia's Lighthouse Field.
I had heard rumors, so one day I asked Jack if he was gay? He said "If as many were sticking out of him as had been stuck in him, he would look like a fat porcupine".
Harold Huge is our latest fat man from Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. He is an educated man with degrees in physics and political science from a major university. His father is a wealthy manufacturer. Bruno followed his training for a few years but found the jobs boring. He was abnormally fat, so he contacted the editor of "Amusement Business", Tom Powell, about finding a job as a fat man with a show.


Tom directed him to us and he became a valued member of our show family. His ambition is to be the fattest man on record. He may make it if his body can withstand his enormous appetite for fattening foods.
Paul Fish functioned well as a stand-up comic, a jazz guitarist and composer in addition to being a professional fat man, who worked with us several times. Shortly after acting in the movie "Carney", he married his brother's widow and settled on their Ohio farm.
Little Willie became too fat to continue his occupation as a long haul truck driver. He thought he would like to try show business and called the editor of "Amusement Business", Irwin Kirby, telling his desire. Kirby directed Willie to me and of learning his size, he was signed. When we learned of his trucking experience we were delighted. Though he could not withstand the rigors of professional driving, he enjoyed the occasional trips with a show truck.
The tractor I gave him to drive was a little over two years old. He commented on the truck having had such service. When questioned to his meaning, he explained he thought the mileage was over a million, for the odometer only read eleven thousand miles. I explained that shows Uke ours rarely travel over five thousand miles a year.

Willie worked for us the remainder of his life. My friend Willie was a gentleman in every sense of the word.


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